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founded on a mission to simply celebrate your love 

Since 2010, the Simply Elegant Group has been on a mission: to ensure that all couples are able to celebrate their love in a way that they love. 

How It All Began

When we first started planning weddings, we learned that far too often, the biggest hesitation couples had in hiring a wedding planner was cost. We saw how some engaged couples endure sleepless nights, unfortunate fights, and a lonesome planning process, while those that invested in our services had a better planning experience, free from stress and overwhelm.

Seeing the differences in planning experiences convinced us that having a wedding planner by your side should be an option for all couples. 

So we put our heads together to find a way to make that happen.

Our Preferred Vendor Program 

We found the solution in our Preferred Vendor Program (PVP). To save you money during the planning process, we offer pre-negotiated discounts and incentives from over 400 of the best wedding vendors from across the country. We make no money from these partnerships because none of our vendors can pay to be a part of our list and we do not accept commissions from them. 

none of our vendors can pay to be a part of our list and we do not accept commissions from them. 

We thoroughly vet all of our vendors before adding them to our PVP list, and they are solely there because we know they take incredible care of our couples. In exchange for all the amazing referrals we give to our vendor partners, we ask that they in turn do something special for our SEG couples in the form of discounts, upgrades, or free add-ons. 

Thousands of dollars in savings takes the obstacle of cost in hiring a wedding planner right off the table! So cool, right?

Why Couples Choose SEG

Our Team has collectively planned over 4,500 events nationwide! What can we say, we LOVE planning weddings and we love our couples! That makes our team some of the most experienced wedding planners in the entire country. 

But that’s not the only reason.

Beyond that, couples choose us because we always vow to maintain...

A Personalized Experience

We may plan hundreds of weddings every year, but we guarantee you’ll feel like our only one. How do we do that? By caring about your wedding as much as you do! With a team as big as ours we can intentionally pair you with your perfect planner whose sole focus is you, but we also customize your entire experience. You see commitments are our business, and our commitment is to you and your overall happiness. 

An Attitude of Abundance

With millions of couples getting married every year and a wedding industry that is full of dedicated professionals, we want everyone to find their best fit. No settling! We appreciate that other wedding professionals have expertise different from ours, so we aim to highlight the strengths of our incredible vendor friends. It is by working together that we create the very best wedding possible for you!

Open Communication

We aim to be warm, genuinely welcoming, and easy to talk to. We promise to use open communication and transparency as the basis of our relationship. There can be many challenges when planning a wedding. Communicating with us shouldn’t be one of them. 

Intentional Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to a successful wedding. Every wedding we plan is the result of the hard work and dedication of so many wedding professionals. We collaborate closely with everyone involved in the planning process so we can ensure your wedding vision comes to life.

Want to join the Simply Elegant team? 

Are you interested in becoming a highly skilled wedding planner? You can check out our careers page for more information on our qualifications. We provide a rigorous training program designed to teach and elevate our Simply Elegant planners. Get in touch to learn more. 

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