denver wedding planner


Creative Director + Expert Planner  - Denver, CO

Just do “you”… I read that quote in a magazine a few years ago and it really stuck with me. It’s simple and bold and timeless… and I like it.  I find myself saying it a lot to couples, as it’s not only my mantra but it’s my favorite thing about weddings. I love when the true personality and style of the couple is expressed endlessly (and ever-so-thoughtfully) throughout the day. I believe when you just do “you” everything else falls into place – and on your wedding day, that is exactly how it should be.  I believe that your wedding should be simple and bold and timeless, but most of all, your wedding should be “you.”

When I first started planning weddings and events I thought it was all about working with vendors, maximizing a budget, and executing a perfectly seamless event. Over time (and 150+ weddings later) I can now say that working with awesome vendors is important, and keeping your eye on the budget is something to note; however the most valuable thing is to make the planning process (and execution) as fun, relaxed and amazing as possible! 

I graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations and have crafted my career around the design, planning and execution of all types of events.  As a previous wedding Venue Manager, and Catering Services Manager I have lived the vendor side of the industry; I can not only relate to vendors, but I can read contracts in my sleep. While I am passionate about the design, execution and overall planning of weddings. I have been in the wedding industry for five years, and aside from my knowledge and success its usually my enthusiasm and energy that clients comment about the most. 

When I’m not busy "working" and/or thinking about weddings you can most likely find me relaxing at home, wine in hand, watching "Project Runway". I love hiking, I love repurposing old furniture and I LOVE football (Go Pack Go!) Faith, family and friends are the most important to me – my #1 is my puppy, Lemons. I believe that you can own your future, if you just do “you” – be bold, be simple, be timeless and most of all be yourself.