Colorado Wedding Planner


Creative Director + Branch Manager 

Just do you. Seriously, it's that easy (it should be that easy!)  

I believe when you just do you everything else falls into place - and on your wedding day, that is exactly how it should be.  I believe that your wedding should be classic and timeless, but most of all, your wedding should be a reflection and celebration of you and your partner. 

When I first started planning weddings and events I thought it was all about working with vendors, maximizing a budget, and executing a seamless event. Over time (and 150+ weddings later) I can now say that working with great vendors is important, and keeping your eye on the budget is something to note; that is still true. However, the most valuable thing is to make the planning process (and execution) as fun, relaxed and amazing as possible…and me, I get to call this my job (wait, what?!) 

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in Journalism (Go Badgers!) Since then, I have intentionally crafted my career around the design, planning and execution of weddings and events. Aside from being a Wedding Planner, I have lived the vendor side of the industry as a previous Venue Manager, and Photography Studio Manager. I already know all details that happen behind the scenes on your wedding day, and like you, I can totally relate to the emotional side of planning your wedding too. I get it, and I'm here for you 100%. 

As the Branch Manager of our Denver branch, I get to oversee all of our clients weddings! Aside from supporting our amazing team of Lead and Expert Planners, I get to be THE biggest cheerleader for all our clients. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My favorite part of it all is watching how everything comes together on your big day. From your initial inquiry to the big breath before your walk down the aisle, and to every single detail in between; I love it all. It’s like magic to me, and it still gets me every. single. time. 

I can’t imagine not being in this industry, truly, and that’s what I want for all of our clients. I want each and everyone of you to look back on your wedding day and say, “we couldn’t have imagined it being anything else!” For that in itself IS magic, and that is exactly how it should be on your wedding. 

Just do you, and I promise, everything will fall into place - exactly as it should. 

Things I love: my puppy (Lemons),  the American Southwest, film photography, a good charcuterie board, game nights, road trips, an impressive vocabulary, long hikes, americanos, and The Green Bay Packers! 

Things I wish I loved: scary movies, cold weather, Frank Sinatra, scrabble, BBQ food, cartoons, days with no plans, losing cell service.

Things that inspire me: minimalism, deja vu, live music, unique textures, simple architecture, sustainability, neutrals.