Mpls wedding planner


Expert Planner - Minneapolis, MN

I'm that lady in the back that gets goosebumps and little "verklempt" (I'll give you a topic, discuss) when the bridal processional music starts and everyone rises to watch the beautiful bride come down the aisle. I'm also the one in the corner of the room with that look of absolute joy and admiration when the father of the bride gives his speech at dinner. And when the first dance song comes on... yeah, just stick a fork in me...

I'm a multi-tasker to a fault. The inside of my brain looks like a 3-ring circus...or more like a 10-ring circus full of amazing, thrilling & sometimes, death defying acts going on all at the same time! But I assure you they all get done and just the way I imagined they would. Some people say that "The Devil Is In The Details"--I say "The Wedding Planner Is In The Details". I love to pay attention to the the little things. I take a vested interest in WHO you and your fiancé(e) are as people and I help build your special day around that. And seriously...if we're not facebook friends after your wedding...then I haven't done my job properly.

Things we might have in common: Total Wine-o (red in the winter, white in the summer). Dog owner of 2 furry children, Billie (puggle) and Owen (Rhodesian Ridgeback /Boxer), mother of a handsome little toddler named Holden and his sweet (but learning to be feisty!) little sister Crosby! Wife to my graphic designer by day-bartender by night-funny (most of the time) husband Jeff since 2009, Top-Secret-American-Idol-Qualifying Car Singer, and one who works out not to only feel good in my own skin but so that I can enjoy a REALLY good bottle of wine (guilt-free) and watch any Real Housewives episode (except Atlanta) and Greys, Scandal & HTGAWM in my “down time”.