Minneapolis wedding planner


Branch Manager + Expert Planner

“. . . be brave.”

Two words I have lived by my entire life.  Whether it was going on stage for my first dance recital, walking onto the bus for my first day of kindergarten, stepping up to the plate in my first softball game, approaching the starting line in my first cross country race, or walking across the stage to receive my college diploma, these two words have been my life’s mantra.  

They came up again when I changed careers at the age of 27, deciding that becoming a wedding planner was my life’s dream.  Best. Decision. Ever. Over the last 6 years, I have had the privilege to plan and execute over 550 weddings.  Can you say overachiever?  I’ve worked for a number of different venues around the twin cities, so I can tell you how many bottles of champagne, the number of appetizers or how many mini desserts you will need for your reception without breaking a sweat.

My favorite weddings are the ones that capture the personality of the couple getting married.  I love finding out those little details that make a couple special and then implementing small pieces of their life into the wedding.  In doing so, no two weddings have ever been the same. I’m very detailed oriented.  I’ll be the person the day of your wedding making sure no tags are showing on the linens, getting the littlest piece of lint off his suit, cutting that stray thread from your train, pulling that drooping leaf from the bouquet, and making sure Mom has an endless supply of Kleenex.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s start planning!

Things I love: A good mystery novel, fall weather in Minnesota, my adorable toothless dog Abby, game nights with my husband & friends, mint chocolate chip ice cream, wine, a quiet morning jog, scary movies

Things I wish I loved: coffee, flat shoes, coconut, sci-fi movies, orange juice, dusting

Things that inspire me: nature, fashion week, floral patterns, classic art, my Mom, soft fabrics, hard work