Owner & Expert Planner

As the Owner of The Simply Elegant Group- throughout the years my role has changed dramatically. When I first started the company I wore all the hats. Every. Last. One! From advertising strategies to accounting (AHHHH!), vendor relationships to vetting new Simply Elegant talent, perusing thousands of wedding photos to providing comprehensive wedding designs, finding the perfect venue to fluffing the brides dress before she walks down the aisle (and this will ALWAYS be my favorite part!).

I exclusively now work directly with our lovely Branch Managers: Kerry, Elisa, Jamie, and Taylor- to ensure every single Simply Elegant client receives the most helpful wedding advice and guidance possible. Together we are constantly innovating new ways to connect with clients and creating new tools to help them get the most out of their planning time. Our Online Wedding Planning Workbook is an incredibly impactful system to ensure our planners and clients are ALWAYS on the same page!

When I first started Simply Elegant in 2010- my passion was to personally make sure that every single couple I worked with had the PERFECT day. As my role evolved I realized my drive moved to impacting other business owners by providing as many referrals to them as possible. Once Simply Elegant grew to spanning four states I knew my personal mission grew right along with it! I now am passionate about providing a platform for amazing women to be able to experience a career in this remarkable industry. Wedding Planning is a dream for so many women- and I want to empower as many as I can through Simply Elegant.  

I am constantly and profoundly inspired by this group of ladies. Being surrounded by such powerful, motivated, beautiful, authentic, and ambitious women is so extremely humbling. That they have decided to jump on this crazy ride with me and work to create something beyond my dreams moves me to tears. This company has grown to become so much more than a wedding planning company- it is a place of support, of encouragement and of personal growth for everyone that is involved. And for that- I am forever grateful.

Above all I believe in doing something you love, and that is why I created Simply Elegant.