If you want your wedding to be truly amazing- the one thing we KNOW is that you need a wedding planner beside your to make not only your wedding day perfect, but your planning experience as well.  Al The Simply Elegant Group we are a wedding planning company that focuses on your overall budget. Unlike other wedding planning companies, the Simply Elegant Group does not focus solely on the design of an event, but provides you with as much insider knowledge as possible. Beyond this innovative approach to help you feel comfortable and informed in your event decision, we work with industry leading wedding vendors to provide you with significant discounts on products and services. With these exclusive discounts and perks from our amazing vendors, we actually save you money!

The most revolutionary part about Simply Elegant is that our goal is to save you more money than what we cost you (extraordinary idea, right?). We are here to change the preconceived notion that event planners are only for the wealthy. We believe that clients who are more budget conscious aren't getting any less married or having any less fun; they deserve to be fully present on their event day. Our motto: we are for every bride and groom, on every budget.


Our Core Values

At the Simply Elegant Group our planners take pride in more than throwing the event of the year. For us it's about more. Below are some of the values our team lives by:

Being Approachable and Transparent

At Simply Elegant, it is our top priority to always be warm, genuinely welcoming, and easy to talk to. Whether you are: our client, a mother of the bride, a venue manager, or any other amazing wedding vendor- there can be many challenges when planning a wedding, and we know that open communication, transparency, and a great relationship is the best way to make wedding dreams happen!

Having an Attitude of Abundance

We choose to view the industry through the filter of abundance. We firmly believe there are enough couples getting married for all wedding vendors throughout the industry. We truly are looking to find the best fit for everyone, always. We know that when you support other industry vendors only it elevates the entire wedding community. We also understand and appreciate that other industry professionals have expertise beyond ours, and we aim to highlight them and their strengths as vendors.

Being Intentionally Collaborative

Collaboration is such an important facet of a successful wedding. We acknowledge that there is not a single wedding that we have been apart of that didn't take the hard work and dedication of many. We also give great importance to collaborating internally with our world-class wedding planning team. We are able to exchange our ideas together using our cloud based software. Because of our intentional collaboration, each and every client receives a boutique-style experience. Even though we have locations around the country, we are committed that every client feel like our only client.

Adding Value to Everyone We Meet

Before thinking about how Simply Elegant can gain revenue or reputation from a relationship, we want to first always add value tangibly to others. We love to initially ask both couples and wedding vendors, "how can we help you achieve your vision?" Whether it is an over-the-top wedding reception or building their wedding business so they can support their children, this core value of putting others first is based on the belief that if we give first to clients and overall to the wedding industry, everyone gains.


Don't think a planner is for you?

We're not having a big wedding so we don't need a wedding planner

The Simply Elegant Group's focus is a little different than other wedding planners, we focus on saving you money. Through our exclusive vendor contracts, we guarantee you will save money and be taken care of by the wedding industry's best - no matter the size of your wedding! 

With the internet it's pretty easy to find all the information we need

You're absolutely right, the internet is a very valuable resource for everyone getting married. One of the most crucial pieces of a wedding is the vendor contracts, and the internet will not negotiate these contracts for you. That is where we come in! Simply Elegant has a preferred vendor lists for each one of our branches with some of the best vendors in the business! We not only work with these wedding vendors, but we work for you to get you the best deals possible.

Many venues already have an on-site coordinator

This is very true, venues have recently realized how important it is for brides to have someone help them through this process, but here is the huge difference: they work for the venue, NOT for you. Although they are very helpful and wonderful advisers, at the end of the day the venue's interests are at the top of their list, which makes perfect sense since that's who they are employed by. With Simply Elegant, we work for YOU to make you happy and to save you money.

My family is going to help with all the details

Family is a fantastic asset to have at your side through this exciting time! But first off, brides and grooms know that family is also the number one stressor during this process. Making everyone happy in your family is IMPOSSIBLE! Adding in more responsibility to family can make this even more difficult. Secondly, the most crucial aspect to having a flawless wedding is working with professionals. They understand every piece of a wedding puzzle and know how they intertwine. Hiring a professional planner that has close working relationships with other vendors by your side is priceless.

I don't want to spend extra money on a wedding planner

That is the great thing about Simply Elegant, we actually SAVE you money. With our vendor contracts, venue relationships, and other money saving techniques, we can provide you with the wedding of your dreams for less.