colorado weddding planner


Lead Planner | Denver

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” – Unknown

Weddings planners are dreamers and doers - and so is wedding planning! You envision your dream, and I am your do-er that is going to make it happen! As your Planner I love hearing all about your vision and turning it into reality, I can't believe I get to call this my job somedays! Together, you and me are going to not only be the best duo around, but we also get to create some of your most memorable moments of your life! I am so honored that I get to be a part of your big day, and I can't wait to jump in and start hearing ALL about your details! As your planner, I aim to end every wedding with, "that was the best wedding ever!" As my client, I  want you to reminisce on your wedding endlessly, knowing that it truly was, "the was the best day ever!" 

My experience in this industry extends far beyond being a Wedding Planner.  Before signing on with Simply Elegant, I worked for a catering company and prior to that I was working for a rental company too. Catering and rentals are two huge components in every wedding and I like to consider myself an expert in both categories! As your Wedding Planner I carry attributes from these roles with me but I also get to showcase my creative side too.  I LOVE being a planner and I love love. I truly believe that finding your person should be celebrated to the fullest extent! 

My clients comment on my A+ organizational habits (I LOVE checking off tasks off the checklist) , my attentiveness (I always am two steps ahead of you) AND clients also rave about my extensive/overly-obsessive attention to detail. For me, “good enough” is never enough. If there’s some little detail nagging at me, a detail I know would be the difference between good and great, I am not afraid to pull up my sleeves and dig in and get it done. My vows to all of my clients are my limitless attention to detail, maintaining your vision endlessly, and having fun every step of the way! At the end of the day I love seeing everything come together as it should. As your planner my job is to coordinate and execute the details of your day. As my client I ask that you and your partner soak in the moments, all of the moments, and to enjoy the process along the way. I am here for you every step of the way - let's turn your wedding dreams into your wedding reality! 

Congratulations on this new chapter you are starting! It is ALWAYS so incredibly exciting for me. I cannot wait to meet you and get started with everything with you!! 

Things I love: Traveling, my big family, white wine, Game of Thrones, Amazon Prime, farmers markets, getting outside my comfort zone, podcasts, a ridiculous amount of candles, Orange Theory Fitness and fitness in general (snowboarding, hiking/14ers... you name it I'll try it atleast once), memes, 'hole in the wall' restaurants, a good dance party, black coffee, SURPRISES, and long hugs! 

Things I wish I loved: Red wine, camping, yoga, packing, cooking, and yellow starbursts. 

Things that inspire me: Fall, Palace of Versailles, different cultures, simplicity, achievements of others, history, and every single amazing SEG team member.