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If you ask anyone who has ever met me, they'll tell you I'm ALL about weddings. Two weeks before *officially* becoming a planner, I complained to my sister-in-law that not enough of my friends were engaged yet. I was itching to get my hands on some wedding action. 

Wedding planning quite literally runs through my veins, and I love that. My parents owned a big band in New York for most of my childhood, playing weddings in some of the most iconic venues in the country, over a hundred of which I attended while in the womb, my mom likes to remind me. At fourteen years old I was given (and still cherish) Modern Bride's hardback wedding planning book. I read it cover to cover, and by seventeen I had collected three years worth of Modern Bride Magazine issues. Believe me yet? The passion runs deep. 

You can imagine when I announced that I started working as a planner, my friends and family responded with, "Of course you are!" 

Before following my wedding planning dreams, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and worked in the public relations and corporate events fields for several years. Those years taught me a lot of things - primarily that my passion lies in the wedding industry, and that my skills and expertise are immensely suited for helping others' aspirations become a reality. 

Having been a bride, I deeply understand the importance and effort that goes into planning your big day. My number one priority is to make you feel as stress-free as possible, both throughout the planning process and on your wedding day. My own wedding story is quite the saga involving three different venues, two dresses and one massive storm. But we can chat about that later :) 

The best piece of advice I received when getting married was "Do what you want." Your wedding is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. If you want an outside wedding in January with a bouncy house, go for it! If you want ice cream sundaes instead of a cake, let's make it happen. But, the most important part of your wedding is that you get to start an epic adventure with your best friend in front of all of your loved ones. The rest is gravy - or at least I hope to make it feel that way. 

Things I love: My husband, my big family, my dog Mosby, friends, and Friends (the TV show), red wine, dessert, baking, DIY TV shows (Fixer-Upper I'm looking at you), jazz, trying new things, and bargain hunting.

Things I wish I loved: Painting, running, whisky, gardening, cooking, high heels, documentaries.

Things that inspire me: Autumn, travel, small business owners, 'alternative' weddings, and all of you who can somehow manage a headstand in yoga :)