Assistant | Minneapolis

Details. My day job is all about details.  Execution. Performance. Perfection…as I work for an architectural engineering company that specializes in creating buildings that reach to the sky.  Never did I think that I’d want to have an “on the side job” helping out with wedding planning and planners at Simply Elegant,  where all of these same details were required & expected…that is, until I got married in 2012.

I started planning my own wedding to the love of my life that I have known and been friends with since 1997, and got a bit overwhelmed with all of the details. It’s then that I hired Nadia, a lead wedding planner for Simply Elegant (and at the time a friend of a friend) that I realized I couldn’t have done it without the help of a real expert. I couldn’t have done it without HER attention to detail, execution, high level of performance and attempt at close to perfection as possible (given the 90 degree PLUS temps that hot summer day!).  It was after that day that I knew that this was for me, I knew that if I was going to do anything “part time”…it was going to be for a professional and to-the-details-kind of company.  After managing to successfully complete my own bridal events I felt like I wanted something more; people that I could be creative with, people that I could share my ideas with - to help brides from all over. This is where I found and came on board with Simply Elegant- helping lead planners execute the details on the wedding day of fellow brides that we help, whom I could now relate to.

I, myself, love the little details…I personally collect vintage and antique things, dreaming of the stories that went with those items before I obtained them. I love LOVE, hearing about people’s stories and how intricate the details of the stories can be… eventually this helps me to create ideas that evolve into the weddings that I get to help put together every day. After all, it is all about the details. When you see how STRAIGHT your place cards are on the table…how perfectly your menu cards are placed on your napkins…you’ll know that you chose the perfect planners from Simply Elegant.