Kind Words

We are so blessed to have such wonderful clients. Thank you to all the magnificent brides and grooms that have given us the gift of letting us be there on your wedding day. We adore having those amazing and tender moments right along with you. This has truly, profoundly changed our lives. We LOVE our work and are so incredibly HONORED to take care of you on your big day.

Below are some very sweet words from some of our past couples.

Hello? Is this thing on? Good because you guys need to hear this! I’m Rashaud and my wife Kiengsom and I are somewhat control freaks in our everyday life so this wedding was no different. We already had much of what we wanted down to the point where we’d have weekly scripted rehearsals for the wedding party which included some teenagers and kids, so it was becoming a beautiful orchestra. The problem was that WE were the main attractions in the wedding so we couldn’t run it the way we wanted, while being on the inside. Then comes Brianna who sits us down with her pen and notebook and just asks “What do you want me to do?” We needed her to be the conductor of our orchestra and God almighty did this woman kick buttocks doing it! She was firm yet pleasant with guests, comforting and patient with the wedding party, and unbelievably respectful and caring for the Bride and Groom’s needs…this is all pre and post wedding!!! Without a doubt, she is the personality that a couple NEEDS during this time because with weddings anything can go wrong. I couldn’t be more in love with my wedding day due to her success. *Standing ovation* - Rashaud & Kiengsom Imaun

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how truly exceptional our experience was working with Taylor. From the first time talking with Taylor on the phone, I felt at ease about our event. Both my husband and I were living out of state, so I wasn't able to see the space before booking. Taylor was nice enough to answer any and all questions, and show me pictures of the space via e-mail to assuage any concerns we had. From advice about the decorations to table layouts to accommodate our large, family-style event, Taylor was helpful, adaptable, and always sincerely joyful in her interactions with us. She was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure everything was set in place, even offering past experience and tips with how to interact with the caterers and set up the space to advice on who should sit where when. It was so helpful and reassuring to have her experience guiding us and her strategic innovation to incorporate all of our unique touches. She was the perfect event hostess--in the background making everything run smoothly. At one point, I think I even caught her setting up an extra table for unanticipated guests--complete with linens! The space the day of was gorgeous. It was beautiful, retro/vintage, welcoming, and set up perfectly for our event. There wasn't a hitch to the night, and I can guarantee it was not because of my amazing planning skills (trust me, they were lacking), but rather because of the extreme care and consideration of Taylor's planning and the excellence of her execution. Thank you for the time and love you put into our wedding. It was a perfect evening, and we sincerely enjoyed working with Taylor!    - Amy H

Working with Elisa and Simply Elegant was one of the best decisions I made in my wedding planning process. I was planning a wedding in 5 months, and chose a venue in which I had to bring in EVERYTHING and had multiple vendors to coordinate. Elisa met with me twice before the wedding to help make a wedding timeline ( something I don't know how I would have done on my own) and was there for the rehersal and the day of to make sure everything turned out just as planned. And it did! Everything turned out even better than I imaged and couldn't see how I would have done it without Elisa's help. She made my wedding day a day I was truely able to enjoy without worry.    -Laura C

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Simply Elegant. We worked with Jamie and she was so helpful and understanding. She really made everything go smoothly. Jamie is organized, professional, and a joy to work with. It's a rare thing to find someone who can help you make your dream a reality, and Jamie is one of those people. From day one she was on the ball. She answered emails within 10 hours and went the extra mile to make sure all my vendors were ready to go the day of the reception. She also has a great sense of humor, which really comes in handy! I also appreciated that she came to the wedding rehearsal. This way she got to meet everyone and get a sense of the ceremony. She made sure to introduce herself and speak with everyone individually so they could feel comfortable going to her if they had a question. In addition to Jamie, we also worked with Holly. She was super helpful as well. At one point I had a near meltdown because of a technical mistake that was my fault -- Holly and Jamie were there to fix the problem and talk me off the ledge. It was a close call -- thank goodness they were there! At first I wasn't sure if we needed a day-of coordinator. My husband and I are both organized people and used to hosting events for large groups. But I am so glad we hired Jamie. It would have been impossible to get everything done on time and the way we wanted without her. We had 135 guests and did a lot of the decorations ourselves. With Jamie there we could rest assured that all would go smoothly and that we could concentrate on speaking with our family and friends, rather than figuring out how to get checks to musicians, when do do the bouquet toss, etc. If you are in need of a coordinator, definitely go with Jamie!    -Colleen L

My husband and I worked with Kerry Hollenback as our coordinator through out the whole wedding planning process. She was so detail oriented it was unbelievable! She thought of things that didn't even cross my mind. I had confidence in her from day 1 and really relied on her judgment and expertise. She did not let me down in the slightest. Always quick to respond in a professional and personable manner. She made me feel like I was her only client when I know that wasn't the case. Her suggestions made our wedding the best day ever!! I cant say enough amazing things about Kerry. My guests even commented on how well executed the wedding was and how everything went so smoothly. That is all because of Kerry. Not a single thing went wrong (at least that I was aware of) all day. While working with other coordinators during the process for various vendors I was told at one time, "Oh we don't get that detailed. It will be fine." Kerry gets "that detailed" with her work. She really sets the highest bar for making sure things get done and are done right. When speaking with Kerry you can really tell that weddings are her passion. She cares for her clients and will be there for you whenever you need her. She went out of her way multiple times to take the stress off of us and single handedly made our wedding the most perfect day! Literally stress free! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Kerry!! :)   -Amber E

One of the best pieces of advice I received throughout our wedding planning process was to hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. Being a pretty decisive and organized person, I didn't need much help with planning our wedding (May 21, 2016), but as the big day approached there were SO many overwhelming details that I have never been so grateful for the decision to hire The Simply Elegant Group (Chicago location). I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Mackey. From our initial meeting, it was clear she knew what she was doing - she was so friendly and knowledgable. About a month before our wedding (right when the craziness started setting in) she became very involved and helpful. We had a couple meetings (in person and phone) and she was super flexible to work around my schedule. We talked through all the details. Some very important things that I wouldn't have never thought of or remembered. The timeline and documents we created together left no detail untouched and was a great reference tool for myself and my vendors. On the wedding day, Lindsay and her assistants did so much behind the scenes work; answering calls, working with the vendors, directing guests, picking up and dropping off various items, setting up personal items for the ceremony and reception, and dealing with any mishaps that may have occurred (which I would have no clue if anything did go wrong!). Our wedding day went SO perfectly and smoothly. My husband, myself, and our parents truly enjoyed the day without a single worry or interruption, and I have Simply Elegant to thank for that! Do not plan your wedding without them!    -Caitlin M

From the first moment that I talked to Elisa, I knew that this was going to be one of the best decisions that we made regarding my Daughter's wedding! She has great ideas, she's patient and easy going and most of all she is organized to a tee!! My Daughter's wedding was last weekend and unless there's something that I don't know about, it went off without a hitch!! This is in great part due to Elisa's hard work. We had meetings to get the schedule just about down to the minute, however, nothing came off as appearing so scheduled. It just flowed. Anything that needed to be done, there she was (usually without even having to be asked)! If I had another Daughter, the first thing that I would do after she got engaged, would be to call Elisa!!! My mind was at ease about everything because I knew that she was right there. The guests even loved her. Instead of the Dining Captain, they were asking her if they needed anything, because they just knew that it would get done. It may all seem just too good to be true, but take it from an extremely satisfield Mother of the Bride, you will LOVE Elisa and be soooo glad she's working with you!!!    -Marissa T

Elisa from the Simply Elegant Group was a major part in our fantastic Chicago wedding. First, we surveyed a number of Wedding Planners in the area. After meeting with Elisa I just knew she was "the one". Off the bat, she had amazing organizational skills and was asking all the right questions getting to know us. She reigned us in, and taught us so much about what we were going to experience over the next year of planning. She was always available and ready to email me back any time we needed her. Elisa is reliable, creative and so fun during our entire experience. One of our favorite things she did was plan out the entire day from the time we got up to the time we went to bed - we did not have to worry about one minute during the wedding day. We got to enjoy every last detail that she had put in play. We would highly recommend Elisa and the Simply Elegant Group to anyone looking to plan their dream wedding from start to finish or if you just need a little help, they can make the finishing touches such perfection.

-Maggie G

We hired Simply Elegant because we had a tight budget to stick to, crazy work schedules, and a very grand vision of what we wanted to do. Elisa helped us reign in all our logistics and plan out every operational detail, in addition to handling all of those details with her assistant on the day of the wedding. She also helped us create a truly beautiful day that looked so expensive; I know every bride says this, but honestly, we were able to get James Beard award-winning food in a venue that's one numerous architectural awards with custom-made book-themed statement pieces and table runners made out of flowers within our very reasonable and limited budget. This was because Simply Elegant was willing to work with us on getting creative with our vendors and our ideas, as well as helping us find vendors that would cut us crucial deals. I recommend Simply Elegant, and especially, Elisa!    -Ailda M

Our Simply Elegant Coordinator's name was Lindsay. She was OUTSTANDING. Our day was absolutely magical. Everything moved along smoothly. Lindsay was available 2 days before the event to help with planning, and she helped tie up the loose ends and double-check we had all details adequately documented for our big day. On the day-of, Lindsay was extremely helpful in working with the various different vendors. All of them (photographer, videographer, DJ, catering manager) spoke very highly of Lindsay; the catering manager actually pulled me aside at the end of the night to share how awesome Lindsay was to work with. She understood our needs, and was willing to work with us extensively to make sure our vision was upheld. We are still in awe of how everything came together; our guests have shared that it was one of the best weddings they've been to! If you're considering "Simply Elegant Group" I would HIGHLY recommend their services. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!    -Tyler S

Hiring Jamie, my day of wedding planner, from Simply Elegant Group was by far the best decision we made for our wedding. Throughout our wedding planning process, we discovered that a lot of the personal touches that we wanted for our romantic, secret garden theme wedding, was going to take a lot of time, effort and money. We were up for the challenge, and we were going to have to make a lot of decorations and special touches ourselves. As it neared to our big day, it became apparent that the several table displays, decorative centerpieces, and the moving of certain decorative pieces from our ceremony location to our reception location,that we were in over our heads, and that we were going to need help. Jamie came to our rescue. From the moment I met her I felt calm and at ease. She made me feel like my wedding dreams could come true, and she really saw my vision, which was the most important part. She has such a great artistic eye, and she had wonderful ideas that enhanced our original ideas even more. She was willing to meet with me several times before our big day, and she even drove all the way out, about an hour, to our venue to look at the site and help us decide the location of some of our decorations. She mapped out plans with me, was very personable, and really knew what she was doing. On our big day, I barely noticed she was there! Behind the scenes though, she was making magic happen at our ceremony and reception site. It was absolutely beautiful, and it was better than I had even envisioned. She was so kind, and worked with my budget, and I am so appreciative of how everything turned out. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. Thanks for an amazing day!    -Sarah M

I met Lindsay on a cold Chicago day and knew as soon as I met her that we were in good hands. Lindsay text, called, and met with us as needed and was always there for us to bounce off ideas. She was very helpful, friendly, and funny which made this wedding planning process much easier. On the day of the wedding, we couldn't have asked for a better team. They were there to help organize everything at the venue while we got ready at the hotel. I never once worried about the decor as we had discussed everything beforehand and I knew I could trust Lindsay to make adjustments as necessary. My mom, who paid for and suggested I get a planner after I had initially nixed the idea, was FOREVER grateful for how much her stress was reduced knowing that we had someone to handle any unexpected events/situations. Thank you Simply Elegant, Lindsay, and her assistant for all of the help, love, and support!!! -Ale F

The best thing about hiring a wedding planner was having someone to bounce ideas off of. She knew what would fit with the venue, season, time of day, and my overall vision. She also helped me refine my overall vision, as I wasn’t even sure what I wanted. If one of my ideas wouldn’t work, she could tell me why she thought that and offer tweaks or alternatives. The second best thing about hiring a planner was having her there the day of. My family, my friends, fiance and I all enjoyed the entire day of my wedding. If there was a problem on my wedding day with the venue, caterer, rentals, set-up, bar, food, music, staff, my guests, or decor, I had no idea about it. To me, it seemed like magic. But I know it was Taylor and her assistant working their tails off to have everything seem smooth and seamless to my guests, fiance and me!! She outworked any wedding planner I could have hired.    - Katie C

 I had the pleasure of working with Elisa while planning for my wedding. To be honest, I never envisioned hiring a wedding coordinator until I found that our venue required me to have one….. I could not be more grateful for this! Having a coordinator is a lot more help than I ever could have imagined (I will be recommending it to all of my friends and family getting married). Without Elisa I am sure there would have been many details missed, and a lot more stress on my wedding day. Elisa had a great questioning process and organizational tool to help me feel comfortable with the planning without being overwhelmed. Before the big day she contacted all of the vendors, and sent them appropriate schedules so everyone was on the same page. Then on the day of we did not have to worry about a single thing! I cannot thank her enough for her help! Anyone on the fence of getting a coordinator- DO IT! The cost is worth it, and in my case I was referred to vendors when I asked for advice and took part in some amazing discounts they have worked out for their mutual clients.

-Ashley F

 It was just one week ago that our daughter moved so gracefully into a new phase in her life. She and her husband gave us the most elegant and beautiful and fun wedding, and one of the most important reasons was Elisa Juster and the Simply Elegant Group. Elisa's attention to detail ensured the smoothest transition each step of the way, beginning with a coordinated schedule weeks before the wedding, following through with vendors as the go-between, and keeping everyone on track as our special weekend began. Elisa calmed our anxiety and, because she stayed with us throughout the night, we were able to enjoy each moment of the party with family and friends on Maggie and Brian's magical day!

-Pamela C

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Denver Wedding Planner

Simply Elegant was such a pleasure to work with along the whole way, and I am so extremely glad we had them on board. As an event planner myself, it was really important to me to have a true professional as a day-of coordinator who could take over and execute all of our carefully made plans on the day of the event and just let us fully enjoy our wedding and celebration. Our planner was such a rock star. She did a really great job running the show, and when she got on-site on the wedding day, I knew things were in good hands. She was totally on the ball the whole day and she handled every detail with aplomb. I felt entirely supported by their whole team. As icing on the cake, SEG's business model and fee structure is brilliant. With the discounts we received from preferred (and fantastic) vendors, I really feel like we made up the difference in what it cost to hire SEG as our day-of coordinator. That said, even if we had had no discounts at all, SEG as a whole offered a value above and beyond the fee, so all in all, it really felt like an amazing deal working with them. I would recommend SEG to any future bride!     -Michaella H

I met with several wedding planners before I chose SEG. Specifically, my wedding planner was Nadia, whom I LOVE!! I live in California and was planning my Minneapolis engagement party for December 2014 and Minneapolis Wedding in June 2015. SEG allowed their resources, networks and knowledge to be available for me during both events, even though technically Nadia was my wedding planner; she helped me plan certain aspects of my golf course engagement party, as well. She met with the venue coordinators after I chose my venues (for my engagement party and my wedding) and helped me make decisions that I would have otherwise had to fly into MN to make. I was able to send Nadia pictures of the looks/ideas I wanted and she gave me suggestions on how to make it more personalized for our wedding. Then she would contact her networks/vendors and get me prices and quotes so I never had to. I only had to visit MSP 1 time in Spring to meet with Nadia and look at/ pick out our centerpieces, table linen décor, ect. Nadia was always available for any advice whether it was what I should be working on next, how to word invitations or helping me pick a package that best works for me with different vendors. She helped make an extremely overwhelming process very manageable. She kept me on track while I was long distance, in school and working. I really can’t say enough great things about her. The day of my wedding, Nadia ensured that everything was setup perfectly. She improvised when something went wrong and fixed it so that I never had to stress about anything. She ensured the vendors all worked together and kept the peace if there was any tension. She helped my day be as seamless as possible for my guests and me. I had a ton of comments from guests afterwards about how organized they felt our wedding was. From a Middle Eastern and Persian background, our guests feeling like things were organized was a huge compliment for us! Nadia took the time to understand what our traditions were and helped us incorporate my Egyptian and my husband’s Afghan traditions in our wedding ceremonies. Nadia was very organized, knowledgeable and helpful. She definitely knows what she is doing. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed anything about my wedding day and I know I have Nadia to thank for  so much of that.    — Hend S

We had Lindsay as our wedding planner and she was amazing on our wedding day! We both thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and did not think twice about a single detail during the reception. From the beginning of the day, she were able to delicately solve an issue with the makeup artist and help me feel beautiful! However, I think the part that I enjoyed most was that I felt like I was sharing my day with a friend, not a planner. I never had to ask for anything to be done, because she was either already on it or asking me if I need anything else to have a good time. Overall, I loved our experience and am so happy to have met Lindsay and Elisa from Simply Elegant!    -Priscilla R

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator to help support and guide you through the process of wedding planning, Simply Elegant is for you! My husband and I had no idea where to even begin with it all, and decided that hiring a professional to walk us through everything would be beneficial in more than one way. We were paired up with Cait who ended up exceeding our expectations, and was SUCH a big help! She helped us during every part of planning, and  brought so many things to our attention that we wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Before our first meet and greet, she was wonderful with answering any questions that came up. Once we actually met, she helped with bringing all of our planning together, and we finally saw our big day becoming a reality! On our actual wedding day, she was our go-to girl! She was in charge of music during our ceremony, made sure picture taking went smoothly, helped set up our  reception space, made sure we stayed on track with our timeline, directed guests to where they needed to be, and SO much more! It was a huge stress reliever to have her around. We felt like we could really enjoy the day/night with our guests. We basically left her in charge of everything! And thank goodness we did, because the ceremony and reception were amazing! Everything went as flawlessly as we could have imagined, and we couldn't have been happier. I would absolutely recommend SEG to anyone on a budget who needs a little (or a lot) of  help,  and a nudge in the right direction. The girls are fun, professional, easy going, and HELPFUL! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  — Martha 

We could not be happier with our decision to use Simply Elegant for our May 30 wedding at the Adler Planetarium (Day of Plus). They did an outstanding job!! Our planner, Elisa Juster, was amazing and inspired total confidence in us from beginning to the end. My husband and I live in NY so planned our Chicago wedding long distance, and Elisa is 1000% the person who made this possible. We were clear about certain things from the beginning—we wanted our wedding to be a casual, fun, intimate party, not overly formal. We got rid of formal seating for dinner so people would be up and mingling. However, with 170 guests, I was concerned about whether guests would know where to go, and whether the evening would still be elegant and comfortable without assigned seats. We also wanted to keep the mood fun, a real party, yet incorporate certain traditional events like toasts, first dance. I didn’t think this would be the easiest wedding to execute well, but Elisa nailed it—the flow was easy and seamless. All our planned elements went perfectly. Elisa recommended many vendors to us, based on detailed conversations and our personalities. Elisa did an incredible job with this—we were blown away by the DJ, decor, even photo booth (Fotio) she sent our way. Elisa did not just recommend vendors she knew personally or had a relationship with. I feel she did a lot of research to find the exact vendors that best suited us. A word about decor—I gave Elisa an idea of what I wanted with some Pinterest pics. However, I pretty much gave her free reign to work with our main vendor, AEG, on lighting, flowers, etc. Elisa did the legwork, coordinating between AEG and other vendors to create the best set-up. She also stuck to the budget. Although I had total confidence in Elisa, and she kept me up to speed, I was curious to see what it would look like since I had been so hands-off. When we walked into the reception, I teared up... the transformation was magic. Elisa clearly communicated everything we asked for, but it was so above and beyond what we imagined. I couldn’t believe how well she understood everything we wanted. Considering all the work Elisa did, with numerous calls and emails, to coordination of vendors (decor is just one example), the value for the Day of Plus package was incredible. Elisa gave us truly personalized attention from our first conversation 9 months before the wedding through the end, listening carefully to our preferences. We got so much more than just someone who took vendors’ calls the day of the wedding. Even without vendor discounts, we would have considered Simply Elegant an amazing bargain. With the discounts we got, usually 10-15% off (even for vendors not on their publicized list), it’s almost absurd. It was far and away the best money we spent on the wedding. As two lawyers with limited free time planning an out-of-town wedding, a planner was absolutely essential. Elisa herself was just wonderful to work with. She’s so much fun, so down to earth, and a great listener! I really felt she went to incredible lengths to execute exactly what we wanted. She put so much thought into how the whole evening would go, which is of course why it all felt effortless. My husband and I were actually able to enjoy every minute of our wedding— once it began we were never stressed and knew we were in good hands. All in all, I can’t recommend Elisa and Simply Elegant enough. We are so thrilled we worked with them!!”    — Sarah

When I found out I had a two hour load in at my wedding venue I knew I needed to search for help in pulling everything off as I couldn't be two places at once. I interviewed three different wedding planners before meeting Ashely and after our first meeting I knew she was the one for me. Her passion for what she does, knowledge and willingness to help in anyway she could gave me the confidence in entrusting her with pulling off the BIG day!! Ashley was a great resource leading up to the wedding and answered every single email almost immediately. We had a few meetings before the wedding and once the day came I had no worries that Ashley would take care of everything and if any crisis or mishap occurred she would take care of it and I wouldn't be the wiser. She was absolutely amazing to work with and incredibly organized and pulled everything off while I got to enjoy my day.      -Amber

We had a wonderful experience working with Simply Elegant for our September 2016 wedding at the Rookery in downtown Chicago. Initially we worked with Lindsay, who helped answer all of our questions, and then we were assigned our planner, Gina. Gina was a true pleasure to work with, she was so organized, kept us on track with our vendors, helped us organize our ceremony and reception time-lines, and provided multiple vendor recommendations which all turned out great. A day before the wedding, Gina had an emergency and was not able to be at our wedding, but Simply Elegant made sure that everything went off without a hitch. Lindsay called us immediately to let us know the back-up plan, and then she attended our rehearsal while they flew in Kerry from the Minneapolis branch, who took over for Gina for the wedding day. My husband and I were not aware of any issues on the wedding day, which was a true testament to how organized and professional the Simply Elegant team are. Our main concern before booking a planner was having a proper/reliable back-up plan, because life happens, and we were so glad we went with Simply Elegant because of that. Even if there were any problems/hiccups, we were able to enjoy the day and not worry, and it all turned out better than we could have hoped! Thank you so much, Lindsay, Gina, Kerry and the entire team, you are rock stars!!!      -Shawn

Hiring SEG was one of the best decisions I could have made for my wedding (and my sanity). Maria Gonzalez was professional, responsive and a fantastic resource from the first day I hired her. She had a great sense of knowing when I was stressed/busy at work and needed to be left alone vs. needing to nudge me to get things done for the wedding. The day of, our wedding ran smoothly and if anything crazy happened, I definitely didn't know about it. What I was most impressed with about Maria was her willingness to help me. A little less than a month before our wedding, I considered changing our rehearsal dinner venue and really needed help with a transportation question. Recognizing I was stressed, Maria did a huge amount of legwork that she absolutely did not have to do for me. As I work in a demanding client service industry, I have extremely high expectations when I work with service professionals and Maria exceeded each of my expectations. I cannot speak highly enough about Maria - she's a rockstar that knows what she's doing and goes above and beyond. Even before hiring SEG, meeting with Elisa was a great experience. She wants every bride to be happy with SEG's services and does whatever it takes to make sure your expectations are met. Chicago wedding coordinator services can be expensive, but SEG's services are a steal. Elisa and Maria were fantastic resources and I would recommend them to any of my friends planning weddings in the future. -Marisa Y

My experience with this service & my "day of" wedding planner was so amazing that after two months I decided I needed to write to thank them. I don't take the time to write reviews but I felt this lady was the only reason my wedding day came through without (or so everyone thinks) a hitch. She over exceeded my expectations and I was asked to share my review, so gladly I'm doing so. Sorry I simply copied it, but the message still gets across. Hello, This e-mail is long over due, but I felt it necessary to contact you. I had Lindsey Mackey as my day of wedding planner. My wedding date was Sept. 2nd. I have to let you know how amazing Lindsay was on my wedding day. My wedding day started out awful, due to my "Jekyll and Hyde" maid of honor. Although, I won't get into that, just no need. I digress, Lindsay was so friendly & full of energy that day, and not in a "car salesman" type of way. I asked a few favors from her, not in the contract, and she took care of them immediately. I gave her my contact information to all my other vendors, and she took me out of the unnecessary planning that she handled. She even calmed my nerves from said mentioned ordeal. She was immensely patient with my spanish speaking parents and guests. I cannot say anything bad about her other than I wish I'd tipped her even more and had hired her for the entire planning process. I don't know what I would've done without her, as my maid of honor and bridesmaids let me down in a major way. Thank you very much for choosing her as my day of assistant, she was truly amazing.     -Al

I ended up hiring Simply Elegant last minute for day-of services. I was having a destination wedding in Jamaica. The resort wedding planners were helpful when it came to selecting a location, band, dinner, flowers, etc. but less helpful with the details of the day and timeline. Lindsay Mackey helped us put together a timeline for the day, ceremony and reception. Also, the resort didn't do much for a wedding rehearsal so Lindsay managed this (which was a feat with my family). I was so happy that she insisted that we do a quick run through instead of just skipping it. Lindsay helped make sure everything was on track the day of and for a destination wedding this is not an easy task. Island time is real! When planning the details with the resort, photography was a challenge. I knew that I wanted amazing photos and wasn't getting warm and fuzzy feelings from the resort photographer. One night when Lindsay was helping me with the timeline (about 2 weeks before the wedding) I mentioned my concerns and she said she would reach out to some of her Chicago photographers to see if one was free and would be willing to travel last minute for us. I have no idea how she did it, but she found Adam Novak ( and worked out a great price in a matter of a few days.. The photos were beautiful - Lindsay & Adam were godsends!!! Can't say enough great things about these two gifted people, whom turned my vision of an epic Jamaican beach wedding into an event our friends and family are still gushing about.    -Ashlee

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As an out-of-town mother of the bride, I knew a wedding planner would be helpful, but Lindsay exceeded all expectations! She provided a list of potential vendors for each category, and then my daughter and her fiance could make the choice. It was very reassuring to be able to turn to a wedding professional for answers to the multitude of questions that arose at every phase of the planning process. Lindsay answered ours with patience, enthusiasm, and a fun sense of humor. She is delightful! On the "day of" both Lindsay and Sonya were organized and professional. I truly felt comfortable that all was under control and could focus on the guests and wedding couple. At the end of the evening, Lindsay had everything we needed to load into our car organized in one location. Displays were disassembled, leftover cake boxed, extra programs gathered, etc. My husband and I were most impressed! Our heartfelt thanks go to The Simply Elegant Group. You helped make our daughter and son-in-law's wedding both spectacular and memorable!    -Linda M.

The strongest recommendation I have for any bride is to hire a wedding coordinator, and hire one from The Simply Elegant Group! We had the honor and pleasure of working with Jamie Diplaris. From the very first meeting were absolutely confident that she would make our wedding planning process so much better. She is so kind, easy to work with, and always responded to any texts, calls or emails very promptly. I am very crafty, so I was able to do a lot of the DIY things for the wedding, but my organizational skills for big events aren't as strong. Jamie was always quick to step in to make calls, set up meetings with vendors, make specific recommendations based on us as a couple, keep contracts organized, offer advice and guidance, and step in to advocate for us with vendors. We saved money by using her preferred vendors, and we were overwhelmingly happy with her recommendations! Having Jamie as our planner gave me complete peace throughout the entire process before, during, and following the wedding day. (And trust me, peace of mind can be hard to come by as the bride!). The day of, Jamie executed in perfect detail my vision for the venue. She is someone always willing to go above and beyond and a truly gifted person. -Becki E.

As my husband and I started planning we didn't think we needed a planner since we are both in the hotel industry with years of experience planning events. BUT we are so grateful we did because what we just love the most looking back at our wedding from July was our ability to have actually enjoyed the day down to our details with our friends and family - all thanks to the Simply Elegant Group and my planner Ali! We signed up for the day of planning and we felt like we got so much more. Ali was amazing from our very first meeting - she really understood our vision and helped me execute it to the very last detail. I have to say our wedding was Epic - and I couldn't have done it without SEG and Ali and her team! If you think you can do it on your own, you won't enjoy your day - they are amazing, affordable and they do save you money with their preferred vendors! Thank you Ali and SEG!!    -Karen H

In the beginning stages of wedding planning, we were unsure if we were going to use a wedding coordinator. However, after our first meeting with Simply Elegant Group we knew we needed their help on our wedding day. They really take an interest in you as a couple and what your specific needs are. We found them to be extremely helpful with remembering the many details, organizing the vendors, and making a timeline for our wedding day so we could enjoy every moment! Kerry was our lead planner and she is AMAZING! She is very calm, sweet, detail oriented, and responsive. Christine worked with her on our wedding day and she is a sweetheart as well along with being so organized! Highly recommend! Big thanks from the Rogers- June!     -Kelly R.

Going with and having SEG was the best decision and life/wedding saver! I chose all my vendors based on the connection I had with them and how comfortable they made me feel. SEG, had and did everything I wanted! We had the full service package due to planning out of state. I had constant communication and follow ups for every detail. Whatever I needed, they were there to accommodate and execute. They were there with me every step of the way, remotely and in person for all the planning. Even when I had my moments of stress and anxiety, they were there to help and be my calm to my own storm. Especially on the day of, as the bride, you don't want to think or worry about anything. SEG took care of everything for us, from guests to vendors, to putting all wedding materials in place and taking them down at the end of the night. Our planner, Lindsay, was my SUPER ROCKSTAR! All her hard work and dedication made our day more special and the most epic day ever. Lindsay made the entire planning process fun and less stressful. Couldn't have planned a better wedding without her. BEST PLANNER EVER!!!! -Tiffany L

I had to write a quick review and share how happy I was in hiring Simply Elegant as my wedding planner. I had a great rapport with Kerry right away and honestly, with all of her referrals and the discounts that came along with that, it that made it worth it right there. I had a number of issues with the venue on the day of my wedding and Kerry was invaluable in handling every one of them, she kept everything on track and our wedding and reception were beautiful, thanks in huge part to her!   -Kimberly G.

We went with Simply Elegant because of all of the great reviews on here and boy! We are so glad we did as we would of never got to meet the fabulous Elisa! We live in Scotland and got married in Chicago, because I am quite crafty and creative I really wanted to have a massive input to our wedding but felt I need someone to give me the nod of approval when I found something fun, pretty and fabulous and to make sure the vendors we were looking at were right for us. Elisa played a massive part in this and even made it fun for my now husband Dean :) We all got on great and me with wanting to be crazy organized all the time it really worked as Elisa has organisation skill I have never seen before! She found so many amazing vendors for us and helped us save money. She really was a dream come true! The day of the wedding was actually unbelievable... it went better than we could've ever expected and everything went to plan, we actually didn't feel like we were at our own wedding because we were so relaxed and were having so much fun. She knows A LOT of people and vendors so was brilliant when needed advice, she's also super fun and easy to get on with. As a bride I have to say I loved every second of the planning and was so sad for it to come to an end. It was definitely a stress free time and even when little issues came up with vendors she sorted them for us very quickly! She really is an unbelievable wedding planner and an asset to Simply Elegant Group. -Stefania D