Lead Planner - Minneapolis, MN

Hey there! :) I'm Emily, a self proclaimed perfectionist passionate about turning clients into friends.

Most days you can find me with my hair in a top knot, in front of my laptop, gleefully helping my couples navigate the crazy journey that is wedding planning.  I am a forever bride to my hubby Andrew, a BFF to the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for, and a Wedding Planner to the most amazing couples in the Midwest!  I am a lover of chai tea, love stories, and all things vintage.  I have a special place in my heart for adoption and I believe joy is found in the little things in life.  Lara Casey and Joanna Gaines are both at the top of my dream board.

Let's be honest.  For me, the definition of "the struggle is real" is trying not to ugly cry at every wedding.  Your wedding will be my favorite if it's filled with details that encompass your personality as a couple and my favorite moment will be seeing the exuberant joy on your faces as you're coming up the aisle after your first kiss as husband and wife!  I'm the perfect fit for you if your life goals include having a marriage more beautiful than your wedding and I'd be honored to help you set that bar high.  

As a former bride of Simply Elegant, I know what you're feeling!  Hiring my planner was the best money I've ever spent (if you can even call it that since I saved more than it cost)!  I strive to be as valuable to you as my planner was to me.  With that goal in mind, I'll be here to calm your fears, turn your anxieties into my to-do list, and to make sure every detail is handled with the care it deserves as if you were doing it yourself!  Because you can trust that I will get to know the heart behind your vision like it's my own, my gift to you will be allowing you (and your moms!) to be fully present on your wedding day.  Listen--if you want a wedding planning BFF, I'm your gal.

When I'm not busy helping couples have the wedding of their dreams you can catch me photo blogging about my clumsy transition from a Miss to a Mrs, creating custom paper goodies with my bestie, Netflixing and cuddling with my hubby, and planning travel adventures to satisfy my wanderlust.

Still with me?  Here are a few other tidbits:

  • As the daughter of "Best-Price Pete" (or so he's called) I love the thrill of a good deal and dabble in extreme couponing.  I'll use this skill for you by striving to save you more than you invest with us!
  • My guilty pleasures include: Cronuts, Pretty Little Liars, and Taylor Swift (I'm positive we'd be instant besties if we ever met).
  • I'm often teased for having "old lady" hobbies like knitting, baking, and antiquing.  I started doing them with my Grandma (where my red hair comes from!) so I like to think it helps keep me connected to her.

Think we'd be planning besties?  I'd be incredibly blessed to be a part of one of the best days of your lives!