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"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I spent the first decade of my career producing events both nationally and internationally for one of the country’s top leadership training companies. Looking for something to fuel my artistic side, I transitioned to the wedding planning world and now get to work with you, helping to create one of the best days of your life! Being invited to help you through your wedding planning process is such an HONOR. It is a privilege to learn what you need, what makes you happy and how I can help take stress away from you. My goal is that you relax so that you and your family can be a guest at your own wedding. I love creating a “by the book wedding” where every rule of etiquette is followed, just as much as a DIY, completely off the beaten path wedding. My passion is to help you tell your unique story, see your vision come to life and help save you money in the process!

I rely on my background in project management and team development to mentor all of our Lead Planners. Simply Elegant Planners are down-to-earth, easy to work with, organized and creative beyond measure. With our ability to handle any situation that arises with grace and ease, and our attention to detail, I can promise that your wedding will be flawless, your breath will be taken away and everything will be even more beautiful than you imagined! 

In my down time, when I am not busy creating wedding day magic, obsessing over wedding blogs and finding inspiration on Instagram, you’ll find me exploring my other loves: painting, hiking and devouring a good book.