Chicago Wedding Planner


Lead Planner | Chicago

“And so the adventure begins…”

You wake up on your big day with butterflies and excitement rushing through your body. You’re calm, cool, and collected because today is the day. All the planning comes down to this and you finally get to marry your best friend! You know everything has been checked and double-checked and you aren’t stressed because the timeline has been mapped out perfectly and I am by your side the whole way!  I’ve helped you envision every last detail of the day and together we’ve brought that vision to life! If anything comes up, there will be a quick and efficient solution found, because we had a plan.

From the moment you said “Yes” you’ve embarked on this new adventure.  I am ready to help make this adventure as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so you can be that  couple! The couple that their guests are STILL talking about their day and how much fun they had.  From ironing out every last detail, and making sure it is exactly as you’ve envisioned it, your day will be flawless. My attention to detail and organization will help ease your mind through the planning process and ensure that you and your family can enjoy your day while soaking in your dream wedding. Though I can’t stop time on the day and it will go by quicker than you know, I can make sure you are present and in the moment enjoying every second of it!

When I am not planning weddings, you can find me trying out a new restaurant in Chicago, shopping, enjoying the company of my family and friends, volunteering at a soup kitchen or a non-profit, and snuggling up with my dog and cat on the couch! Having the privilege of helping put together your wedding is a total dream job!   

Congrats on your engagement and finding your lobster! I can’t wait to meet you and get started!

Things I love: My family and friends, my kitty (Oliva) and chihuahua (Prince), dancing, the change of seasons between summer and fall, morning cups of coffee, traveling, seeing a musical, exploring new places in Chicago, long walks, getting lost in a good book, oversized shirts and sweaters, pickles, shoes

Things I wish I loved: running (although I will continue to try!), waking up early, driving at night, folding my laundry, blue cheese and goat cheese

Things that inspire me: confident lady bosses, my family and friends, people who practice yoga, music, traveling, love, charity, possibility