Lead Planner | Minneapolis

Well, what can I say? I love weddings. But that’s hopefully a given! Like any other little girl, I have been dreaming of planning my own wedding since I was 12 years old. As a planner, my attention is focused on the details. Are the place cards straight? Is that centerpiece the correct height? Etc. I suppose this is where my (self diagnosed) OCD comes into play! 

I am a Minnesota girl through in through. I grew up in Owatonna but spent my summers exploring state parks, at the lake, on the fishing boat, and around a campfire. (Largest fish to date: 26.5-inch walleye. Made my dad cry. Seriously.) I graduated college in May of 2015 from the University of St. Thomas  (Go Tommies!) with a degree in Business Communications and Spanish. The majority of my time spent at UST was spent planning events for the student activity board, otherwise known as STAR, and thus, my passion for event planning was born!

Another thing that UST brought to my life was the opportunity to travel. And boy, did I take advantage of that! I spent 3 different January Term classes in Spain, Ecuador, and Italy. You could say the travel bug got me real good! 

In addition to these trips, I’ve also been blessed to travel for the sake of mission trips! I have participated in trips all over the country and even got to lead a few trips as well. The most recent being, this past summer spent in Puerto Rico. 

More random facts- When I go out to eat, I almost always order a burger and fries, preferably with a Crispin cider. I love reading, swimming, ice-skating, and watching movies- anything by Marvel is pure GOLD. I love to clean. I’m a total sucker for little kids. And I’m so excited to be a part of your big day!