colorado wedding planner


 Lead Planner | Denver

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

 To me, this quote sums up what a wedding should be.  After all the pretty flowers have been placed, the chairs set and the cake has been decorated, your wedding day is all about celebrating your love with the people most important to you.

After planning my own wedding, I can relate to everything you are feeling and going through right now. You are picking out your venue, your date, trying to hire a planner, a photographer, while also staying within budget.  You are narrowing down your guest list, dealing with families emotions and also handling all those details that always seem to keep popping up! I understand and I am here for you, right by your side the entire time. For my wedding, hiring a planner was the easiest and best decision that I made. I want you to feel that way too!

Being born and raised in Colorado, I am proud to call myself a native. I love everything this state has to offer, and planning weddings here is the best. My clients have jokingly called me Martha Stewart - and it's a compliment! Whether it’s decorating a tablescape or finalizing the timeline, I won’t stop until every last detail has been considered and executed perfectly.

Admittedly, the budget may be one of my favorite aspects of your wedding -  I studied Finance and Economics at Metro State University of Denver and spent many years working in the banking industry. 

By hiring a planner, I can confidently say that you and your partner will be able to be present in every moment of your wedding day. You will be able to celebrate with your guests and enjoy the day as we have both have planned it together. On the day of your wedding, everything goes by so fast, you will always want more time. My job as your planner is to make sure that everyone enjoys every aspect of the day, and to ensure that you and your partner remember exactly how you felt every step of your big day!

Things I love: my husband (Kyle), our dog (Daisy), and decorating our new home, traveling, baking, good books and good wine, cozy sweaters, fall weather, all things chocolate, fresh flowers, and brunch

 Things I wish I loved: early mornings, black coffee, yoga, grocery shopping, country music, and college football

 Things that currently inspire me: gardening, history, French food, family, sunsets, the Irish countryside, music, the Spanish culture, and mountain drives