Branch Manager +  Lead Planner

“She believed she could, so she did” R.S Grey

Weddings, romance, and lots of sparkly things, Yes-Yes & Yes!!!! The movie, “Father of the Bride” is where my wedding planning dreams aspired! I can remember watching this movie repeatedly, and taking my self-made “wedding binder” and lining all my stuffed animals up to play “Planner” for hours and hours. I always knew organization and details were two traits I possesed and executed very well, and becoming a wedding planner was my dream career…one day I knew that was just what I would do!!!

I pride myself in creativity, passion, and truly the love I have for life. I believe we are given a blank canvas to paint and create our own version expressing our past journey’s, new beginnings, and places we want to go. I am performer at heart with 20+ years dancing, performing, and executing my feelings through movement and art, and I truly feel this has given me the passion and creativity I use to execute each and every wedding I have an honor to be apart of!

There are SO many amazing things about being a wedding planner, although my favorite is getting to know our couples’ personalities and vision of their big day.  Working individually with each of them to create, design, and bring their vision to life is the best part of process for me. I am a detail oriented person and love helping with the little details that our couples may not think of. By creating transparency and support, I am able to be your confidant and sounding board throughout this planning process.

When I am not binge watching “Say Yes to The Dress”, “Gilmore Girls”, or whatever romance film I can get my hands on, you will find me spending time with family and friends. I enjoy the special time with loved ones, my beautiful daughter Amariana, that amazing hubby of mine, and my fur children. Life is all about balance, peaceful living, and simply taking time to breathe!  I find myself reminding our couples to do just that during their journey to wedded bliss. This is your big day, and your time to shine and truly make it your own! I love what I do, and want to share that magic and passion with you!

I can’t wait to be a part of your amazing journey to the altar and look forward to meeting you!

Things I love: My daughter, my Husband, my Family, shopping with my momma, my pup Odis, animals, dancing, adventures, romantic films, candles, carrot cake, Frank Sinatra/Michael Bublé, holistic healing, Hawaii, sparkly things

Things I wished I loved: scary movies, winter, diets, long car rides, cherry flavored anything

Things that inspire me: sunshine, living minimally, small business owners, jazz music, positive affirmations, adventurous walks experiencing the beauty of nature!

Charleston Wedding Planner