SURPRISE: We have TWO more locations to celebrate!! | Simply Elegant opens Houston and Charleston locations!

We are OVER THE TOP EXCITED and CAN’T WAIT to announce that we have *officially* launched TWO new locations! TWO OF THEM!! Yay!

Join us as we celebrate our FIFTH and SIXTH locations:  Charleston, South Carolina and Houston, Texas!! We are officially catering to southern couples, and have we said how excited we are? BEAMING.

Opening two locations at once wasn't always our original plan, but when incredible talent falls into our lap we just couldn't pass up the opportunity! We found TWO amazingly talented ladies and we HAD to leap, jump and welcome this new, exciting and fun chance to expand our brand!

The adorable, sweet Brianna is our Branch Manager in Charleston - and she actually started with us on our Minneapolis team and then moved out to Charleston before really diving into the Minnesota industry. During the move she expressed her deep desire to continue her work at Simply Elegant- so we just had to find a way to make it happen! She has a ridiculous amount of energy and as a wedding planner it brings such an experience to Charleston and the southern bride and groom!! Brianna has a *super* bubbly personality, and we know she will bring that love for all things wedding to our couples too!!

The knowledgeable and also incredible Kayla is our Branch Manager in Houston - her experience in the wedding world is off the charts, and we know that her clients will feel that too. Kayla has been a venue coordinator for years in Houston, her perspective into the industry is so unique and perfect for her new role at Simply Elegant!! So if you are getting married in Texas- Kayla is absolutely your girl to connect with!

Lindsay, our Managing Director has been working SUPER closely with Kayla and Bri to give our new southern clients THE BEST planning experience possible!! We LOVE both these ladies and we KNOW that their talent is truly the best in their locations! We are SO excited to have you both as part of our Simply Elegant family and can’t wait to support you with all the fabulous experiences to come!

Bring on ALL the COUPLES! We can't wait to watch these new locations grow and soar as they help bring these Southern Weddings to life! <3