Spotlight Blog- Kendra Oxendale Photography

Business Name: Kendra Oxendale Photography

Contact: Kendra Oxendale



Phone: 612-232-8954

Tell us about your business:  Kendra Oxendale Photography is a boutique photography experience for couples looking for joyful, vibrant, beautiful and genuine wedding pictures. I have been photographing weddings since 2008 and specialize in engagement and wedding photography. I really love to get to know my couples on a very personal level and bring their story to life through their images.  Once we get to know each other, it’s comfortable for them to be in front of the camera, and that’s where the genuine laughs and smiles come out. The best compliment is when a guest pulls me aside at the wedding and says “Wow!  You perfectly captured their personalities in their engagement photos."

What makes you different?:  A lot of photographers charge by the hour for wedding collections.  With my collections I do something called full-coverage photography, which means I’m there from the time you’re getting ready to get into your dress to the time you’re dancing the night away.  I really believe in telling the whole story of the day.  My view of weddings is that this day is a legacy that you’re able to share with everyone around you.  When you’re showing your family your wedding photos in 50 years, I want you to be able to show them all the events of the day.  It also really takes the pressure off of you to run perfectly to a timeline.  Weddings aren’t always perfect, and if dinner starts 20 minutes late, there’s no need for you to worry about running out of photography time.

Can you tell us about your packages and price point?:  Pricing starts at $2,950.  Each collection comes with full coverage photography on the wedding day and an engagement session.  I wholeheartedly believe that every couple needs to have an engagement session with the photographer that will be photographing their wedding.  This is such a vital time for everyone to get to know each other and for me to understand how the bride + groom interact with each other. That way, when I come to the wedding it’s like we are old friends and they are comfortable with all the direction and posing they’ll hear.  Naturally people are a little nervous the first time in front of the camera, and I’d much rather have that be at the engagement session than on the wedding day. 

What is one of your favorite memories from a wedding?:  There are so many! My most favorite weddings are where the couple really puts in a lot of personal details into the day.  Whether it be the venue is personal to them, they write their own vows, or the bride is wearing her grandmother’s veil, details like this allow the guests on the wedding day to really get to know the couple that much better.   My favorite moment of any wedding day is always when the bride is arm in arm with her dad getting ready to walk down the aisle to her groom.  My heart still beats out of my chest every wedding during this moment.  It’s one of the most special moments as a bride and I love being able to capture this sweet and intimate moment.

Anything else Simply Elegant readers should know about you?: I very much believe in having fun.  This is your wedding day…it’s supposed to be fun!  I spend most of the wedding day laughing with my brides + grooms and their closest family and friends.  And I’ve been known to initiate a few dance parties in the middle of wedding party pictures to get those groomsman loosened up a bit.  

Kendra, Darling! You are incredible- we love that SO MANY Simply Elegant client choose to work with you on their wedding day. We LOVE seeing your sweet happy face the moment that we walk onsite at their reception venue. You are able to make clients feel at ease and truly showcase their personality when you capture their event. To many many more to come. We love you!

-XOXO The Simply Elegant Girls