Spotlight Blog- lauren b. photography

Business Name: lauren b. photography

Contact: Laurie Falk



Phone: 612.708.2090

Tell us about your business:  lauren b. photography is all about making images that are natural, unexpected, and artfully edgy.

What makes you different?:  I am there to create a stunning narrative that expresses your story, and to ensure you two look both amazing and natural.  I help bring out your very best by putting you in beautiful light and using gentle direction (not posing) so you look beautiful and real.  All this is happening in a relaxed, fun way, so everyone has a wonderful time!  Also, photography coverage is based on the "chapters" of your day instead of hours (see below).

Can you tell us about your packages and price point?: The three collections, Complete, Full, & Essential are all-inclusive, from an engagement session to a fine art custom-designed coffee table book (and more). Instead of hourly, our collections are based on the "chapters" of your day, from "getting ready" to "the tosses." Customization and swaps are totally possible, so I always suggest a consultation just to chat.

What is one of your favorite memories from a wedding?:  A lot of tiny little moments and interesting come to mind: witty sarcastic grandmas, a bride surprising the groom with a special appearance by their new puppy, a moms and bride looking at each other during portraits on the verge of tears, getting excited over an amazing image and sharing it with the couple, so-sweet "First Sights," and this little conversation after one of them:

Bride: "Oh I got lipstick on you." 

Groom (without skipping a beat): "Great!  I needed a little color." 

Anything else Simply Elegant readers should know about you?:  I've been told many times that I'm a source of calm on the wedding day.  I'm perfectly comfortable directing groups, orchestrating portraits and the "to do"s, etc. - all with a calm, go-with-the flow attitude (we've over-prepared leading up to the event) so you can just enjoy the moments.  

When the dress is packed, the food eaten, and the decor dismantled, your images are the one lasting element. Choosing your photographer is an important decision. I think finding the right personal fit is key.

Thank you Laurie for being featured on our Spotlight Blog today!! We are so inspired by your work and friendship. We absolutely adore working with you as you always bring such peace, calm and creativity to the wedding day. You are always such a pleasure and we are SO HONORED to have you as a preferred photographer!!! Cannot WAIT to hit the ground running with you in 2015!

-XOXO The Simply Elegant Girls