Spotlight- Paradise Weddings and Travel

Paradise Wedding and Travel: Yes-Oh we went there! Warm weather!! With Today in Minnesota being -5 degrees (and what truly feels more like -40 once you get out of your comfortable PJs and head to work) we needed to cozy up and think about tropical destinations and coconut umbrella drinks. We are in luck! We have some AWESOME vendor friends Ketti, Deb, and Hillary that are with Paradise Weddings and Travel and they are talking with us about how EASY planning your honeymoon (or hey even just mid-January getaway?) can actually be! Check out all their amazing knowledge below!

Business Name: Paradise Weddings and Travel

Contact: Deb Bixy, Ketti Menne, & Hillary Ogle



Phone: Deb Bixby (612) 834-8020

Photographer: Tamiz Photography

Photographer: Clary Pfeiffer

Tell us about your business:  Paradise Weddings and Travel specializes in romance travel, ie: Honeymoons, Anniversaries and Destination Weddings.  Each couple we work with has their own vision for their perfect getaway and we customize the trip to match the wants of each couple.  We travel numerous times a year to various destinations to check out the resorts, making sure that the resorts and destination we offer are what the clients are expecting.

What makes you different?:  We do not charge any service fees.  Again, our first-hand knowledge of so many destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.  We participate in various training with so many of the resorts throughout the year, so we know what is new in the industry.

Photographer: Jennifer Togal Photography

Can you tell us about your packages and price point?:  All packages are based on the individual couple’s budget.  We help the couple choose the option that is perfect for them and their budget.   Every budget is different and prices can fluctuate based on the nights traveled, the flight costs, resort type, destination etc.  Most honeymoons average $3500-$5000.  Of course there are cheaper options and more expensive too.


Photographer: Filda Konec Photography

What is one of your favorite memories from a wedding?:  We love it when the couple finds their perfect honeymoon or destination wedding location!  It’s even more fun hearing back from the honeymooners or destination wedding couples once they arrive back home.  We love hearing about their experiences and seeing all of the pictures. 

Anything else Simply Elegant readers should know about you? We really take pride in the services we provide to all of our clients. We love to be a part of helping provide amazing trips.

Thanks for all your incredible travel information Ketti, Deb, and Hillary! You always help our clients plan their PERFECT Honeymoon!

-XOXO The Simply Elegant Girls