Make Sure To Remember Your Wedding Day

"WELL DUH!" you say... Just hear us out!

You've got your wedding venue, your photographer, your caterer and cake. You've {hopefully} let everyone know that you're getting married. All of these are highly recommended things that you should do for your wedding. Essentials you might even call them. But one essential piece that is too often passed over, VIDEOGRAPHERS!

One of the biggest regrets of so many couples after their wedding day is not hiring a professional to record their day. And one huge thing you will hear from any couple that does hire a videographer is how well it helped them remember the day. You get to remember the things that were said, the looks on your faces when you said your vows or when you had your first glance at each other. All in real time, beautifully cut, cropped, formatted and coupled with your favorite songs as the soundtrack.

You can have a montage, a short film, or a cinematic documentary. And you can pop it in the blu-ray player and relive it every anniversary in beautiful HD! That's what Carl and Sarah of Princess Bride Cinematic Videography do for their anniversary every year! {LOVE that idea so we're stealing it!}

Princess Bride has a contemporary, journalistic style that really allows them to become a part of the day and capture all of the candid moments that our brains seem to forget. {And after the whirlwind that weddings tend to be for couples, you might want some extra help remembering!}

Make sure you can remember every piece of your wedding day for years to come! Videographers are priceless!


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