Meet the Planners {Maggie}


A little about Maggie I am quirky. I am creative in my element. I am a nerd, who laughs at her own jokes. I am a person who quotes Friends… A LOT. I am a proud mommy of two cats! Yes, cats! I am a dreamer of having children, visiting various parts of the globe, and meeting a Giant Panda – the world’s greatest animal!! I am a planner of road trips – look out Grand Canyon! I am a lucky girl to be the wife of a wonderful man! (awww!) I am a romantic. I am a person who has wonder and curiosity. I am a lover of wine and fabulous shoes! I am a concert goer and a captive audience at comedy clubs. I am a person who understands that “it’s only a job if you wish you were somewhere else.”

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education at Augsburg College. I knew I wanted to be an educator when I saw that I can contribute to a greater cause.  I also knew that I wanted to be a part of a team that shares common interests, who are creative, motivated, and challenge each other but who also support each other.  I am very lucky to have found that group at Simply Elegant.

I have been immersed in wedding culture! My mother is owner of a custom made wedding gown business, my sister (also a planner) is a wonderful wedding photographer, and I have been known to sing a time or two at a wedding ceremony! Because of this background I find I am the lucky one in being surrounded by fabulous people that I use as part of a creative collaborative network.  But truly, we are the lucky ones who have the extraordinary pleasure of meeting you and helping support your dream in having a wedding that is simply perfect!