Do-it-yourself decor!

Welcome back to Money Saving Monday! Today we will discuss how to save money on decor such as centerpieces, creative lighting and more! 

Many brides want personal flare but feel that it is out of their reach budget wise. Really it all comes down to good decision making and planning. One of the first things I tell my brides is to go to a Michael's or a Dollar Store and create mock centerpieces. I know what brides think, "How can I get a fabulous wedding made with items from the Dollar store?" But trust me, it is all about imagination!

Plan decor parties, bring friends over and have them be a part of creating one of a kind decorations. It doesn't take much to transform an inexpensive frame or vase in to something romantic or shabby chic.   


Another way to save money while creating an elegant ambiance, is to add custom lighting. Watch the stores for end of the summer sales with outdoor lights. It can not only bring warmth to a space but give your wedding/reception a unique flare.


Other little touches that are easy on your budget:

            -Buy a few roles of ribbon to add custom pops of color to vases, chairs and more

            -Don't be scared to paint items to match you color scheme

            -Look around your home for items you love that can really give people a sense of who you are


Well do-it-yourself brides, get to it and save money.

Remember every bride deserves her dream wedding on her dream budget. Happy Planning!