Renting Vintage For Your Wedding

ImageHow cute are these chairs? On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals.

Vintage ... it's in & not going anywhere! 

We love vintage inspired themes for weddings. From theme-setting, historic venues to the small, rustic details, Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting has seen this decorative scheme WOW one guest after another. It is trendy yet timeless, classic yet memorable, classy yet fun. However, getting your hands on antiques while being mindful of a wedding budget can be tricky. We would all love to buy a Victorian fainting couch with matching chairs and bookcase, but how practical is purchasing every beautiful detail? That's where Rental companies come in!

We are lucky enough to have several fantastic Vintage Rental companies in the Twin Cities. These trend-right companies have done all the digging through Antique Shows for you & offer amazing pieces for daily rentals. Do you want 200 mason jars in which to serve your signature cocktail? Rent them!

We have 2 rental companies on our Preferred Vendor list who have vintage-inspired decor in their collection. Their prices are always reasonable, but if you are a Simply Elegant direct customer you get an exclusive discount!

1) Festivities 

2) Apres Party and Tent

Check out this great blog by Minnesota Bride Magazine which highlights more great Vintage Rental companies in Minnesota! We were lucky enough to work with both On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals & Lime Canary Vintage Rentals recently and we were BLOWN AWAY by the beauty of their collections.

Have Fun!!


-SEBC Team


We love these vintage-inspired food service items by Apres Party & Tent!

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