Trend Alert: Wedding Accessories

Wedding Trends: AccessoriesThis year brides are looking for some signature accessory item that will have people saying…so unique! In the past, it has been colored shoes (something that I jumped on the bandwagon with, personally) and now it’s modern vintage hair pieces and jewelry. Which is great—it draws attention to the bride’s face! From birdcages to broaches, sapphires to pearls, it’s all very trendy this year. Here are a few tips for picking your wedding day accessories:

  1. Think about the theme of your wedding and how your accessories will fit your day. I had a bride who had an amazing necklace and put it on for the reception because her ceremony was more traditional and she thought it fit the party atmosphere of her reception.
  2. Pick something that photographs well. You will have those wedding pictures forever and if your fabulous necklace you picked out creates a distracting glare, photos aren’t going to be your favorite.
  3. Test out all of your accessories together.  Don’t go all out and get every accessory because people will be more distracted by all the bling than you on your wedding day! And if you find two things you love, but they clash, pick one you love and keep the other one for a fancy party!

There are many online guides on how to pick and wear a specific item but the key to finding your signature item is finding something you love. And just like your dress, you should wear it, it shouldn’t wear you.  Make sure it goes with your dress, hair and your wedding theme and you’re all set.

BONUS: It’s fun to break out the necklace you wore on your wedding day on your anniversary and special occasions!

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