The Simply Elegant Group- Company Retreat Recap

Jen Togal Photography

Jen Togal Photography

As wedding planners, we’re often immersed in making everyone else’s dreams come true. And that is GREAT with us. It is what we live for. It gives us immense satisfaction to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to our customers.

On a parallel plane, as a business owner, some of us dream of MAKING it big in our chosen career. Some of us dream of DOING something big. Some of us dream of doing a little of both. Enter, planning our FIRST company-wide, team retreat. This retreat in Balsam Lake Wisconsin was an opportunity for making, doing and being awesome.

It was a dream of mine I made 1 year and a half ago (mind you, we hadn't even been live in IL for a half a year yet!!) And I had a dream to have my whole team from around the country come together. As IL took off we expanded into WI and now CO! We had all 20 women there- where we set goals, laughed, and all dreamed together.

One of the things that I have been laser focused on (up until this point) is MY vision of the company- as the owner,  "Ashley's goals" and "Ashley's direction" was all I really knew. NOW with 20 girls on my team, we can make a collective goal and start running together towards that!

I also had dreamed this dream with my dad- who is my entrepreneurial business coach. So my dream was to bring him in as the keynote speaker for my team. Because not everyone has heard his concepts of manifesting your dream life and unleashing your super powers (which is a HUGE HUGE reason why I have had the success in my life that I have.) So I jumped at the opportunity to have my girls hear him speak. So he was our keynote that wrapped up our second day at the retreat- that was a very surreal and amazing moment for me.

I just want to provide every opportunity I can for my girls! Empowering the staff is SO SO important for me and actually part of our core values at SEG (Providing Opportunities for Growth!)

We had such a great time- we laughed, we cried, we bonded, we stayed up late into the night. We dreamed BIG and laid plans for the future. It was uplifting, inspiring and energizing. We were all GLOWING! So of course, we had to have some photos taken in the process! 

Seriously- HOW amazing are these headshots by our dear photographer friend, Jen Togal?! Be sure to check everyone's bios here: Minneapolis TeamChicago TeamDenver TeamMilwaukee Team!  And follow us on Instagram too! 

With this incredible experience of working so closely with all my girls- it truly impacted ME beyond measure. My team is ambitious, caring, funny, bold, and absolutely inspiring. I am just HONORED they have jumped on this crazy train to join me in trying to make a different in the wedding industry! It is my hope that EVERYONE can have an experience like this in their life, whether it be with a group a girlfriends, co-workers, of even family! This retreat was life changing. Absolutely life changing. 

XOXO ~ Ashley 

Jen Togal Photography

Jen Togal Photography

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