BIG NEWS! We have an exciting announcement!

Oh my goodness. We are SO excited today. We have two HUGE announcements. First, is this GORGEOUS new site that you are looking at RIGHT NOW! Isn’t it just to die for. We are head over heels in love.  

To keep up with the ever changing wedding industry, we knew we were due for a refresh! We love lavender and knew we had to keep that element but wanted to add something fresh and trendy. Enter, Rose Gold! Squeeeee. It’s our favorite right now- We’re just swooning. That said, our website refresh had MUCH more to do with WHO we are than how we look! 

When we were creating our new look, we also wanted to really get intentional about WHO we are as a company. What types of couples we are dying to work with and how we can articulate exactly what our little Simply Elegant Family is all about! In putting that into words, THIS is who our Simply Elegant team is: 

We are Soulful.

We are Full of Character.

We LOVE those Candid Moments.

We are Emotional.

We have an Attitude of Abundance.

We are Driven.

We care about Substance.

We are Authentic.

We are Connected.

We are Expressive.

And MOST of all- we are Approachable.

These are the most important traits of our new brand- and of every member of our Simply Elegant Team! See a great shot of all our amazing girls below!! XO


Second announcement? We’ve opened a NEW location. We’re now in DENVER, CO! Yep, we’re officially catering to the mountain bride and couldn’t be more thrilled to announce our FOURTH location!

The incredible Taylor is heading up our Denver division and we know you all are going to adore her as much as we do! We looked all over the country and knew that she was absolutely the best candidate for us! She has a ridiculous amount of knowledge and has been a venue coordinator for YEARS!! She brings some super helpful experience to the table. Ashley, our owner, also personally knew Taylor because she is originally from good ole Minnesota! They are working SUPER closely together to give the Denver bride THE BEST planning experience possible. Taylor is a super fun girl to be around and we know that she will bring that energy to our couples too. We LOVE you Taylor and we are SO excited to have you as part of our Simply Elegant family!

Follow us on Instagram this week to meet more of the team! 

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