Lead Planner | Minneapolis

That look of pure happiness on a person’s face... that’s it! I love playing even the smallest part in facilitating other people’s happiness, and working with couples to make their special day perfect allows me to do just that. 

I grew up just south of Minneapolis and went to college at the University of Minnesota where I majored in communication studies. Go Gophers! During my senior year I interned at the Hennepin County Government Center where I planned three-day continuous improvement meetings; long story short, my love for planning and my obsession for organization was born. You could say I’m somewhat of a perfectionist! My day job as a Project Manager has certainly armed me with many skills relevant to wedding planning – remaining calm under pressure has to be near the top of the list!

While I love the organization aspect, my favorite part of weddings is seeing how they reflect the couple - whether that’s in the groomsmen’s Nike tennis shoes or the bright rainbow color scheme! Seeing bits and pieces of the lucky couple incorporated in their wedding adds something really special for them and their guests.

I can’t wait to work with you to make your day as stress-free and memorable as possible!

Things I love: my family and friends, traveling (it’s a toss up between Sweden and Thailand. Although, hangin’ with elephants was pretty amazing), trying out new restaurants, dogs, dancing, cooking & baking, reading fiction, yoga, football, movie nights (pizza must be included), live music, decorating, and basically doing anything outdoors. There’s a special place in my Minnesotan heart for a day spent at the lake, whether that’s relaxing on the beach or attempting to wake surf!

Things I wish I loved: kale salad, sushi, beer, reading non-fiction, watching basketball, running, doing laundry, waking up early, winter.

Things that inspire me: my parents, love, happiness, the ocean, interior design, Pinterest (all the things!), bloggers, entrepreneurs, and people who consistently push through adversity.

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